Tree climbing is one of the oldest profession that require technical skills to perform work with nature’s oldest living things.

The featured companies below are TCIA Accredited Tree Care Companies that

Adhere to industry standards for quality and  safety

Maintain trained, professional staff

Is dedicated to ethics and quality in business  practices


What is a Tree Climber / Tree Surgeon/ Climbing Arborists ?


A tree climber’s jobs consist of climbing various tree species for the purpose of pruning, removal, cabling, or repair while using hand tools or power tools. There are roping methods, safety precautions, and proper techniques involved. Accredited tree care companies follow ANSI standards set for tree care in the industry. 

There are training courses and associations that can help individuals learn the profession and the industry. One of the safest ways to learn about tree climbing is to work within an organization that can train you the proper way to climb, prune, and take down trees. 

Accredited Tree Care companies utilize the ANSI standards for work performed. Most companies offer programs to help you learn to achieve certifications and licenses within this field.

Taking care of one of nature’s oldest living things can be a rewarding career. It is a respected profession that requires technical skills and knowledge. 

What are the qualifications of a tree climber?

How Much Does a Tree Climber Make?
Are there different Positions for  Tree Climbers?
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